Decorated toenails: 39 Inspirations to bet on in 2022


Nothing monocratic, the trend is now to bet on decorated toenails and if you haven't joined it's time to try something different.

Doing fingernails has become a habit but what many women forget is how much a well cared for foot makes a good impression.

The feet also deserve all our care because it's no use having a beautiful sandal if your nails the feet are horrible aren't they?

Just because toenails are more hidden doesn't mean they need to be anyway.

So it's time to start reflecting and valuing your feet more, decorated toenails are the new trend for women who don't do without comfortable shoes in the summer like sandals and the famous flats.

Most women prefer monocratically enameled feet, but know that it is possible to make the same designs and decorations that are done on the fingernails on the toes.

Your toenails can be incredibly beautiful and well decorated, just use your imagination and common sense.


You can find many beautiful and creative ideas on the web and the best thing is that they are easy to execute.

Today we have selected several inspirations for you.

Pictures of Decorated Nails for the Feet

A simple decoration on the toenails will make all the difference when using those shoes that show your toes.

To inspire them, we brought photos of incredible trends that can be used to make your look even more perfect.

Toenails decorated with flowers

Super feminine and passionate, these decorations are perfect to be made for any occasion, fall in love with the models shown here.

Toenails decorated with stones

The toenails will be a charm with this decoration, the stones will give a very special touch, bet without fear on this decorated nail style.

Toenails decorated with francesinha

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love the francesinhas on the nails, besides being beautiful they are very easy to do, and there is no shortage of tutorials out there, see beautiful examples to do on the feet.

+ stunning decorated toenail photos to bet on

Stay here with a selection of photos you have read to inspire you and make yours too, choose the one you think is the most beautiful and run there to do it.

Ahh and if you have difficulties in decorating your nails, do not hesitate to look for professionals to leave it the way you would like it to be.


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