Decorated stiletto nails: +30 Models and complete step by step


Success for many years, stiletto nails decorated with each passing day has been conquering more and more space, do you want to know more about it? So don't miss our tips.

It is not new that nails have become an accessory that helps to compose a look, making a woman look super beautiful.

And just like fashion, nails also follow trends and the new bet on nail decoration are Stiletto nails, which means dagger or stiletto, so you can imagine how this nail is, it is super sharp and has already made the heads of famous people now are making heads of anonymous women all over the world.

However, it is always good to remember that not everything that is in fashion suits everyone, but if you are a woman with a strong personality then you can play without fear of being happy.

How to make stiletto nails

The stiletto nails are filed in the shape of a pointed triangle identical to the claws of feline animals, follow these step by step and start making yours now.

With your natural nail

In this video it's shown how it's done from the beginning, all you need are big or medium nails, a nail clipper and a file, in the most is to follow the step by step which is super easy.

Stiletto fiberglass nail

To make the stiletto shape on short nails, just use the fiberglass technique, artificially lengthening the nails, already creating the stiletto shape.

with false nail


Another great alternative to also be able to enjoy this incredible trend even with small nails is using the false nail, the way to make the stiletto shape is the same, just glue the false nail and start working on it.

encapsulated stiletto nail

The purpose of this video is to first apply the fiberglass to the small nail and then apply shine and encapsulate. (Encapsulating is applying a layer of transparent gel over the nail that is already decorated to protect the design)

If your nails are weak and tend to break constantly, know that this nail shape is ideal in these situations, they will break much less and if they break at the tip you can still use it to make the ballerina shape.

Photos of stiletto nails to inspire them

In addition to doing your nails, what will make the look even more beautiful is to use nail polish colors that match your personality, choose your favorite color and run now to decorate your nail.

Use and abuse the mix of colors like black, red or blue

Bet on colors that match your look.

The decor can be customized just like this francesinha

If you design to encapsulate, don't forget the transparent gel

The ends can be more pointed or rounded

You can also bet on nude, green

Look how beautiful these red nails with reverse francesinha

Putting on glitter will also create an amazing decoration.

But if you like to dare, put on a matte black and stand out

As you can see the colors are really amazing

Play with the designs and create an unprecedented nail art

Be your best version with your stiletto decorated nails

But once black stands out, including with the right to an only child

If you don't like vibrant colors, bet on nude or even transparent

You can also make a personalized design on each of your nails

And we have another example of the color red being successful

Francesinha with white and gold colors, they are passionate

They can also be super delicate and sensual.

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