Toys for Evangelical Kitchen Tea


Finding the love of our life these days can be rare as most young people are not looking for anything serious and are looking to enjoy, drink, travel and be with more than one person. But, if this is not your case, feel privileged if you have a relationship or engagement signed in God, you certainly intend to take a step forward in this relationship with the wedding, the most awaited and special day of any couple's life. who love each other and who together intend to form a family in the future!

Toys for Evangelical Kitchen Tea

But, before taking this important step, it is necessary to arrange a few things, such as organizing a bridal shower, which is a very special moment for the vast majority of women, as it indicates that the big day is near. kitchen is that you will be able to celebrate with your church sisters, family and friends this dear and breaking date will complete your list of kitchen utensils. See below for some suggestions on how to make your tea fun!

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Toys for Evangelical Kitchen Tea

Toys for Evangelical Kitchen Tea

Usually in this type of event it is customary to make some more daring jokes for this reason, which is why I've been researching on the internet some options that can please the evangelical audience, fun and creative, they promise a lot of laughs.

1- Guess what it is:

This is one of the most classic games that exist and serves not only for evangelical kitchen tea, but also for baby shower, revelation tea, anyway, it is a very versatile game that can be adapted on several occasions.


It is very simple to do, just blindfold the bride and she, with her eyes covered, must hit the gift only, touching them with her feet. The time must be timed in 15 seconds, if she makes a mistake, she must pay a punishment (imitate some animal, do some mime, in short, the person who gave the gift must suggest the punishment).

2- Mimicry of the movies

Divide the guests into groups of 4 ask each person to write a name of a movie on a piece of paper. Afterwards, each member of the group must present their film through mime. The group that gets it right wins a treat, which can be a souvenir given by the future bride or if this is not possible due to their financial conditions, the group that got it right wins the right to choose a punishment for the opposite group.

3- Guess who the couple is

Distribute paper and pen to each guest, each person must write a situation experienced with you or with the groom. After that, fold the papers and place them inside a box. The bride and groom must choose the papers and then guess who wrote the situation if the bride and groom get it right who pays the mico is the guest but, if he makes a mistake, the bride and groom will have to face the punishment.

4- Who am I - Character of the bible

Each guest must choose a bible character and talk a little about how he was what he did but, without revealing his name an example: Who denies Jesus 3 times? Answer: Peter. If the bride makes a mistake, she must pay a gift or a mico whoever chooses is the owner of the question she made a mistake.

5- Balloon in the foot 

If you are evangelical, you have certainly heard the expression “to step on the enemy” in this case, the enemy will be the balloon. Each guest will receive a balloon tied with a string of string then each must tie their balloon around their ankle. So, when the game begins, you must pop your opponent's balloon at the end, whoever has the balloon full wins.

6- Complete the song

Ask each person to choose a piece of gospel music, sing and stop at the chorus. The bride must continue to sing if she gets it right, she must pay a punishment. Another option would be for participants to choose some words and the bride and groom must sing a song that contains that word, if they sang it once and made a mistake, move on to the next word.

7- Prohibited word

This is a joke that should be said at the very beginning of the bridal shower. Choose a word that cannot be said until the end of the celebration so that in the course of the party if anyone speaks the word they will pay a punishment. The forbidden words can be wedding, wedding dress, the name of the bride and groom, godparents, in short, words that have to do with the theme.

8- Pass or Pass - Biblical Battle

Whoever is in charge of organizing the party should print two lists with 20 questions and biblical answers on each. Then, divide the participants into two groups and each group should receive a list of these. Each time a participant in a group must read the respective questions to the opposing competitor, the group with the highest number of correct answers wins. The group that loses must pay a mico or the bride must present the winning group with a souvenir.

List 01 (questions and answers about the bible)

1 - Name of the two characters in the bible who were never born
A – Adam and Eve.
2 – How many books and chapters and verses does the bible have?
3 - Name of the traitor of Jesus
A – Judas
4 – Which apostle wrote the largest number and epistle in the bible?
R - Paul
5 – Which disciple walked on water with Jesus?
R - Peter
6 – Which disciple is associated with doubt these days for having doubted the resurrection of Jesus?
R - Thomas
7 – Name of the place where Jesus said his last prayer
A – (Gethsemane – Luke 22:39-46)
8 – What are the names of the bible with women's names?
Ruth and Esther
9 – What is the name of Moses' successor?
R - Joshua
10 – What is the name of the oldest man in the bible?

List 02 (questions and answers about the bible)

1 – Name of the man who freed the Hebrews in Egypt
A - Moses
2 Which man was famous for his gigantic strength?
A - Samson
3 – Name of the harlot who hid the spies
A – Rahab
4 – What was the first animal released after the flood?
A - A crow
5 – Who were the first 3 kings of Israel?
A – Saul, David and Solomon
6 – Who were the most faithful men in the bible?
A – Noel, Daniel and Jô
7 – Who am I, for three hundred years have I walked with God?
A: Enoch Gen. 5:22.
8 – Who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem?
A – Nehemiah
9 – What is the name of the Apostle who had the first letter of his name changed?
10 – Who am I in the waters I was taken, in the empire I was created and in the desert I was married?
A: Moses,