How to consult your CPF online free (SPC and Serasa)


The CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) is a document issued by the Federal Revenue Service that serves to identify taxpayers and offers the possibility to perform various tasks such as opening a bank account, hiring services such as internet and energy, requesting a credit card and many others.

There are 11 numbers that can be made both by Banco do Brasil, as well as savings accounts and even the post office, these numbers will accompany the citizen throughout their lives and can never be changed, unless by court decision.

Until 2011, all people who issued their CPF received a plastic card with their number, but after that date this practice was no longer adopted and today it is virtual, to print it, just access the website of the IRS.

Since 2017, the CPF has also been requested on the birth certificate of babies, so they leave the hospital with a CPF issued as soon as they are born.

As already mentioned, the CPF is requested for the most diverse situations, whether to open a bank account, apply for public tenders, declare tax, open installment plans in stores, obtain a passport and others.

Therefore, it is essential to always have this essential document regularized, if it happens to be negative, the famous (dirty name) several tasks that have been demonstrated, can no longer be performed.

If you want to consult your CPF to know how your registration status is going, that is, regular or irregular, there are some very easy ways to find out without having to go to the Federal Revenue for this, just make an inquiry that does not take more than that a few seconds to know.



The first and easiest way to know how the registration status of your CPF is going is by accessing the Federal Revenue website, there you will know if it is regular, pending regularization, suspended, canceled or null.

– Access the website IRS

– Enter the requested data such as your CPF and date of birth, then select the captcha to inform that it is not a robot.

– Click on check CPF

In the window that opens you will be able to check some of your personal data such as name, date of birth, registration status and registration date.

Cerasa website

Through the Cerasa website it is also possible to obtain various information related to your CPF, it is very simple to use.

– Access the website wax 

– After that select “consult CPF for free”

– Enter your CPF

– Now it's time to log in with your password or log in with your social networks.

Ready, now you will have access to everything related to your CPF, your Score score, outstanding balances and also ways to negotiate with companies.