How to Write Sender and Recipient on Envelope


Even with the advancement of the internet, thousands of people still prefer to send a letter, whether to a family member who lives far away or to their boyfriend. The act of sending a letter has been around for centuries. The envelope, also called an envelope, is a paper package that is used to store and transport letters, documents and other papers to send by post.

Today, there is a huge demand for envelopes, which can be colored, white and with different textures. When sending correspondence to the post office, it is important to choose an envelope that is large enough to place the correspondence you want to send inside, as this is the only way to avoid the risk of the letter getting out of the envelope during the journey.

What is recipient and sender

At the addressee, the data of the person who will receive the letter, and in the sender must be filled in the data of the person who will send the letter, that way the post office will find the address of the person who will receive it and if they don't find it, the letter goes back to the person who sent it.

But what many people feel in doubt is how to correctly write the sender and recipient on the envelope, we will show you in the article below, see:

The first thing you should know is what is the front and back of the envelope?




Envelopes must be filled in correctly to be mailed, with the correct recipient and sender information. If it is filled in wrongly, it can be returned to the sender by the post office. So let's learn together in a very simple way what is the correct way to write addresses on the envelope? Check it out:

More tips for filling your envelope

In order not to make mistakes, the channel Tips for House and Recipes by Dona Perfeitinha shows in detail how all the filling should be done, so it is much easier to do, enjoy and send your letter now.