How to Take Easy-to-Imitate Tumblr Style Photos, Tips and Tricks


You know those beautiful and stylish photos that bloggers post daily on their Instagram feed?

So, they are usually inspired by the tumblr style, which is nothing more than a microblog-style social network, there you can find amazing photos in perfect resolution and with super creative poses.

And it was with the help of these stylish photos that many digital influencers became so well known and gained thousands of followers.

The good thing is that anyone can reproduce a tumblr-style photo, just incorporate elements that you have around you, try to reproduce your day-to-day.

For example, if you're driving, reading, hanging out with friends, going to the market or just having that coffee in bed, there are already great opportunities for you to take perfect tumblr photos! Below we will give you some tips for how to take a tumblr style photo. See:

Tips for taking Tumblr-style photos

Through a good search on the internet we found several super cool tips on how to take tumblr style photos and in addition to several inspirations for you to imitate, ideas that will be gathered in this article in order to help you take perfect photos like those of photo studios !


Source: Franciny Ehlke

I don't know if this happens to you, every time I'm going to take a picture I get confused about which pose to do and I always end up repeating the same one, if you also always have the same doubt check out social media like pinterest, tumblr, We Heart It and even on instagram there you will find many inspirations about everything you can imagine, be it nail images, hair, make up, fashion, DIY, decoration and others…

Tips for not letting go


To make a perfect photo, it is necessary to perfect the look, and this also applies to makeup that does not necessarily need to be strong, but must disguise all skin imperfections such as blemishes and pimples, one of the characteristics of “tumblrs girls” is their smooth skin and beautiful, mouth and eyes very striking! If you're not very good at doing makeup, don't worry, there are really cool tutorials for beginners on the internet.

Makeup Tutorials: Tips from Famous Youtubers

Hair and Hairstyles

A hairstyle can add a “thcan” to your photo, be it a simple loose voluminous hair combined with a light makeup will make your look delicate and cool at the same time, in short, there are thousands of creative hairstyles. Tumblrs girls' favorite hairstyles are braids boxer braids, which we already teach you how to do here on the blog and also, the messy buns, half bun also called Half Bun and the double buns that bring a more playful and cute look.

Locks in front of the hair: how to make +21 photos for inspiration

Clothing and accessories

This is a very nice option for those who want to post photos with fashion looks or for those who intend to make online sales, yes if you have a virtual store you can be migrating it to your social networks and thus reach a larger audience. For a tumblr girl look, choose more neutral and basic pieces, let the accessories give life and color to the look.

Tumblr Looks: Models to compose your look

Where to take photos: Location

The place you will take the photo is what will make it perfect and will reveal a lot about you, places with good lighting and a beautiful natural or visual landscape will convey what you want. Have you ever imagined taking a photo on your balcony with some buildings behind or on a wall with graffiti, photo on the grass, on the beach, near an outdoor landscape, or on the swing, the most important thing will be the lighting of the place. Here are some tumblr photo ideas to emulate.

Photos on the beach: poses that will go viral on social media

tumblr photo editing

Photo editing applications have been used for years, and anyone who thinks bloggers, youtubers and even celebrities are perfect is wrong, not really, to give this perfect look they have applications and filters that remove any imperfection that people want like: if you want to brighten your eyes this is possible or hide some imperfection on your face and body like pimples, cellulite and stretch marks. Many times they take more than 20 photos and in the end, choose just one to publish.

Tumblr photo editing apps

  • VSCO: You know that magic that photographers do in the photos that they are super clear and sharp so, with the vsco application it will be possible to have this same effect without having to buy an expensive camera. It adjusts brightness, contrast, rotation, sharpness, saturation and temperature.
  • Facetune: With it it is possible to remove pimples, remove blemishes, reduce dark circles, disguise scars, in short, make small adjustments without stealing your features, leaving you as natural as possible.
  • Snapseed: This app is perfect for editing images, HDR, lightening or darkening some part of the photo. Like your photo can be in black and white and only your mouth in color.

Tumblr Photo Editor: The 5 Best Apps for Perfect Photos

How to take Tumblr photos alone with your phone

If you love taking pictures but don't have anyone to help you with this mission or you just feel more comfortable taking your pictures alone, to get the best angle you can count on the help of a tripod, in case you don't have one. just adapt one using clothespins or paper clips.

Easy-to-imitate tumblr pictures: Poses

Smile, jump, dance, lie down, make faces, gesticulate with your hands, pretend you are drinking or eating something, in short, use and abuse the creativity that you will have photos beyond relaxed and that everyone will love!