Tumblr Photo Editor: The 5 Best Apps for Perfect Photos


Knowing the best tumblr photo editors can make a big difference when customizing your photo and making it perfect.

One of the reasons everyone wants to make a tumblr-style photo is due to the fact that this social network was very successful around the 2010s.

And one of the things that always caught people's attention, especially young people, are the stylish photos and spontaneous, cool and original poses that always appear on the social network.

To get this “tumblr effect” on photos, you need to know the best photo editors that contain filters that give that touch of brightness and make the image unique.

Over time, in addition to being shared on tumblr, new social networks became popular and with that the photos also started to be shared on places like Facebook and Instagram and this tumblr effect continues to be attributed to them.

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But as important as the editors, another thing that must also be taken into account to achieve this effect are the poses for photos, because otherwise it would be useless to have a photo all worked out and with a pose that doesn't help.


Factors such as makeup, hairstyle, clothes and accessories that you will use, the place where the photo will be taken are also essential to get that perfect photo, all these tips can be found in the following link.

How to take Tumblr-style photos: Easy to imitate, editing tips and tricks

Tumblr photo editor Tumblr photo editor for perfect photos

Vsco – Photo and Video Editor

In its free version, this application offers up to 10 photo presets that can be made with just one click, but you also have the option to customize it the way you want. .

In addition, it is also possible to socialize with other people who also have the application, so you can share and receive tips to know all its functions.

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Huji Cam

If you are a selfie fan and love to get hundreds of likes and shares on your photos, using Huji Cam can be perfect to achieve this result. Take perfect photos, remove imperfections, make your photos sharp and clear, a perfect tumblr photo editor.

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Adobe Lightroom – Professional Photo Editor

The filters for photos that you like the most, clarity, defogging and a multitude of options to choose from that at first we get lost, but just start playing with the application and you'll notice that it's extremely easy to use, it's worth it check.

the color story

After downloading this application, you will realize that you have discovered the secret of tumblr girls, or women who love to publish their clicks on Instagram. Although it is very good to have all your filters at one click you will have to pay for the application, but it is certainly a price that is worth it for those who want to have perfect photos.

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Captions for Alone Photos (Female)


To begin with, know that this application was developed by Google, that is, we can only hope for the best of it. A free application but that doesn't lose anything to the paid ones. Lighten, darken, leave the photo in black and white with only the part you want in color and many other functions.

All these amazing tumblr photo editors can be downloaded directly from the Play Store, choose one or more if you like, take the test and choose the one that best meets your expectations.