Women's Halloween costumes: +45 creative ideas to bet


Halloween, also known as Halloween, is one of the most traditional parties in the United States, and has been conquering thousands of people around the world.

Here in Brazil this party is celebrated on October 31st and it is exactly on this date that thousands of people take to the streets with costumes of vampires, ghosts and monsters, in addition to the famous witch costumes which by the way is one of the most used among women. .

For decoration, candles, bats, skulls and pumpkin faces are used, which at night make the environment super scary.

The more the decoration looks like horror, the better it will be.

Children are one of the ones who have the most fun on this date, as they have the duty to go from door to door to ask for sweets and make the famous threat: Trick or Treat!

Halloween is just a short time away and there's nothing better than celebrating this party with a nice costume, right?

But doubts always arise when choosing, after all we want something that enhances our curves and makes us beautiful to rock.

halloween characters


If you have no idea which character to choose, know that there are several options available, among the most popular are:

- witches
- Vampires
- little devils
- Killer nurse
- Killer toy
- Little angels
-Cruel Devil
-Corpse Bride

Choose the one you most identify with and prepare in advance for your party, ahh and don't forget to decorate your nails and also do a beautiful Halloween makeup.

Improvised Halloween costumes for women

For those who don't want to spend on the costume or even are in the nick of time for a party, the best option is to make your own improvised female costume and this can become a very easy task with these tips.

40 killer improvised costume tips

With the rush of everyday life, if you haven't had time to choose your costume, then these 40 different looks could be your salvation.

5 simple and easy-to-make women's Halloween costumes

Here we have more interesting ideas that can be done quickly using just makeup and a few pieces of clothing.

Where to buy women's Halloween costumes online

There are now on the market and on the internet several costume stores with a huge variety of women's costumes to enjoy a Halloween party, from the most sophisticated to the most simple and basic.

You should keep in mind that there may be someone at the party with the same costume as you, so it's important to be careful and choose calmly and it's also important to pay attention to the details so you'll rock.

Carol fantasies – Here you can find several options of costumes, there are for adults and also for children.

Free market – This one has been known for a long time and to buy from it just pay attention to the seller’s reputation

AbraKadabra – It has a little bit of everything and women's Halloween costumes couldn't be missed, it's worth taking a look

shopee – Shopee has become a darling of Brazilians, this site and also application has a multitude of costumes to choose from.

funidelia – Witch costume, vampires, sexy, plus sizes and a multitude of options.

Magazine Luiza - We don't even need to talk about your reputation. At Magazine Luiza you can also find beautiful costumes.

American – And finally, we have Americanas, which like many others above, offers the opportunity to buy everything online in the comfort of your own home.

Photos of women's Halloween costumes for inspiration

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