Tumblr beach photos: 24 pose ideas that will go viral


With the arrival of summer and the holiday season getting closer, it's time to start preparing to save these special moments in images, after all who doesn't like to share unique moments, right?

For this it is ideal to know the best poses, angles and places for the photos on the beach to be beautiful, although the blue sky and the sea with all its beauty make it easier for the moment to become even more special, so if you want to see your photos on the beach having many clicks on social networks check out great tips.

Take photos on the beach alone

As much as you are surrounded by friends, enjoy and make a few clicks alone, these images will be perfect to be placed on your profile.

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enjoy the sunset

The sunset on the beach is really a wonderful spectacle that nature provides us for free, use this in the poses that the images will be stunning.

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Jump in the water for your beach photos

With the sea in all its immensity, you couldn't stay out of the clicks, right, regardless of whether your camera or cell phone is waterproof or not, it's possible to make fantastic images.

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Enjoy the moment with friends

Friends are for all the time and in relation to the photos they could not be left out, enjoy it because one of the main goals of visiting the beach is to take lots and lots of photos, after all special moments should be immortalized.

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Don't forget your crush

Playing in the sand, in the water or dancing, whatever pose you use, a photo with the passion of your life cannot be forgotten, there are several beautiful poses to enjoy and mark this moment for two.

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From the back without showing the face

Are you ashamed you don't want to show your face or simply want to make a different photo that looks super spontaneous without a forced smile or anything like that, so these could be good alternatives

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Sitting or lying on the sand

The good thing about taking photos on the beach while sitting is that if you want to hide the extra pounds, this pose is the best alternative, you can also throw yourself in the sand and lie down as if you weren't expecting a photograph.

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