Current slang and its meanings: Examples


The other day my teenage sister sent me a message on my facebook, I was completely confused, as there were some words that I didn't understand what they meant so I did a little research and found out for example that "Brinks" was a joke and that "Flop" means to fail, if it wasn't for the internet I would have known.

What is Slang?

Slang is a popular language used by certain groups, especially on social media, let's say, these words are created to replace traditional terms in a different and cool way. You may not think so, but you've probably used slang in your everyday life.

Current slang and its meanings: Examples

To help them update their "dictionary" and stay on top of the expressions used both on social networks and outside of it, be it in a group of friends, at a club or even in a formal conversation with co-workers.

  • Rancid

It is a slang term used to describe a feeling of contempt or anger that one person may have towards another. For example, if there is a girl at your school that you don't like very much, you can say "I got rancid from so-and-so" which means that you are tired of going through such a situation and that everything that person will annoy you.

  • 0800

something free

  • To chicken out 

Give up or get discouraged at the last minute

  • Party Rice

That person who doesn't miss an opportunity to go to a party is enough to receive an invitation that is already there quickly.

  • booze

Any alcoholic beverage for example, friend, let's have a booze after work.

  • Bizarre

Strange different from the common

  • hefty

Surprised, confused, annoyed or upset. For example, I lost R$ 50.00 yesterday I'm so mad.

  • ship

If you ship a couple that means you support and approve of the relationship.

  • Friend

It's the same thing as BFF (Best Friends Forever).

  • Thank you, Flw

It is used to replace bye they mean: “Thanks. Said".

  • nudes

When someone sends or asks for intimate photos

  • false

It serves to indicate your enemies or false friends.

  • goals

It describes something that you really crave.

  • crush

Person that you think is beautiful or that you like.

  • stalk

“spying” or “chasing” a person's updates on social media.