Captions for Photos with Cousins: Phrases


Friends are those people we can count on at all times in our lives, whether good or bad, but when this bond of friendship is accompanied by a family bond, which makes it even more intense due to daily coexistence, there are cousins who are ours. confidants because, we have the greatest security to tell our secrets, dreams and also, experience the best rolês together.


And to make this moment eternal, the ideal is to take several and several photos together, and to enhance the photo even more, invest in a subtitle beautiful and express what you feel for each other is essential. There are incredible phrases that can be placed in the description of the photos anyway, surprise your cousin through a simple dedication. See below several alternatives and choose the one that best suits you!

Captions for Photos with Cousins: Phrases

Captions for photos with cousins


“I feel very happy to be able to walk together, you planted here like no one else this feeling that overflows, making you essential in my life. I love you cousin, always!”

Is she part of my story?


Unmeasured love?

What we are is so intense that sometimes I ask: are we cousins or sisters???

Level of complicity = Talking with a look! ??

“Favourite cousin, and beautiful too.”

“The BEST cousin in the world, I have it! ?”

Agent fights, almost kills himself, but love never ends

Blood of my Blood ??

"Yes you are much more than a cousin to me, you are my cousin-friend-sister-confidante-after all!"

“A sincere friendship is a point of light that never goes out, no matter how long you have lived, those small points of light will always be present in your soul”

“Cousin: My Accomplice”

“Cousins by fate, friends by choice”

“We fight for no reason, but end up asking for forgiveness!”

“Agent fights, almost kills himself, but love never ends”

“Friend and cousin, perfect match.”

“More than special, you are ESSENTIAL!”

“May the angels say amen to all the dreams of your heart, may your life always be filled with beauty and fulfillment. I love you cousin"