Tumblr Looks: +28 Photos to compose your look in 2022


Tumblr is definitely the place where you can find looks that the entire female world wants to copy and 2022 would be no different.

So if you want to bet on trends that are successful and that highlight your best, you can't help but check out the 42 best inspirations for you to rock any occasion.

And don't go thinking that to have tumblr looks in your wardrobe you'll have to throw everything away and pay a visit to the mall to renew it.

On the contrary, see how you can combine simple pieces and accessories that will make your look totally different, sexy and attractive.

Read until the end that we also separate videos with the tips that tumblr girls recommend.

simple tumblr looks

If you don't like anything too exaggerated and full of details, you can bet on a simple combination.

You know those white sneakers you didn't even care about, or your pants and shorts that are stored and that you don't even wear anymore.


So use them to your advantage and make a minimalist and super cool look.

Create tumblr looks for Instagram or to go to the mall easily with these tips.

simple tumblr look
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tumblr look for girls
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blonde in
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cool tumblr look
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tumblr looks with skirt

For girls who love to wear skirts and don't miss a good opportunity to wear them, you can create incredibly sexy and attractive looks with a suitable combination.

Use what you have in your favor whether it's your short or long skirt, see inspirations with skirts with buttons, denim skirts, printed skirts, sneakers and more amazing photos.

tumblr look with super street style skirt
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yellow blouse and skirt tumblr look
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tumblr look with printed skirt and t-shirt
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tumblr look with plaid skirt
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Skirt with ruffles: Inspirations to always be in fashion

tumblr looks with pants

Pants are a piece of clothing that cannot be missing in a wardrobe, undeniably they are suitable for any occasion, whether going to school, for everyday life and even for a party or a more casual meeting between friends.

The trend these days are the destroyed models, the famous ripped pants that match practically anything.

But for fans of leggings and printed pants, there are also options for incredible looks.

tumblr look with super stylish pants
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tumblr look with pants at night
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tumblr look with leg pants
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tumblr look with destroyed pants
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tumblr look with pants and cropped
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tumblr look with plaid pants
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tumblr looks for school

Regarding the uniform t-shirt, there's nothing to do, since most schools require it, but nothing prevents you from putting on a denim jacket or even a plaid blouse tied around your waist.

You can also wear your sneakers with your favorite shorts in the look, following these tips no girl will be as tumblr as you.

tumblr look for cool school
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tumblr look for school beautiful
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girl with tumblr look sitting on the bench
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woman with tumblr look and all star sneakers
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tumblr looks for winter

If you think that in the cold it is not possible to adopt the female tumblr look, we will prove the opposite, see how to protect yourself from the cold without losing your originality.

tumblr look for beautiful winter
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tumblr look for winter with destroyed pants
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tumblr look for winter
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tumblr look for winter with cap and jacket
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tumblr looks with sneakers

In addition to being super comfortable, sneakers are also one of the fundamental pieces when choosing a tumblr look.

Note that most tumblr girls opt for this choice. It's no wonder that tennis gives that impression of joviality and casualness that every girl wants to have.

It is possible to combine dress with sneakers, use with destroyed pants and several other combinations that can be seen below in the videos we selected to make everything even easier

tumblr look with white dress and sneakers
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tumblr look with sneakers and destroyed pants
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tumblr look with trendy sneakers
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50 tumblr looks for when you have nothing to wear

A look for every day and even more can be found in the video above. If you have no idea how to put together a cool look and tumblr style, be sure to check out these tips that will surely serve you one or more looks

How to assemble tumblr looks: 10 outfit tips

Nothing better than checking out the tips of those who understand and a lot of the subject. These 10 looks tips can be great inspirations for you to assemble your own look.

Tumblr looks without spending anything

You know that clothes that are in the back of the drawer just waiting to be remembered and to be thrown away? So, give them a new lease of life, get inspired by Michelle Almendra's tips and have amazing female tumblr looks without spending anything.

Tumblr: Stylish clothes aren't everything

The combination of clothes is very important to become a tumblr girl, but there are some other tips that can also help a lot to make your look even more amazing.

An interesting option is to bet on a haircut or even a different color, how about getting inspired by the platinum hair?

If you don't like it, there are still many other shades to choose from, remembering that the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, so your look will also be loaded with an incredible smile.

And speaking of a smile, this is something that cannot be missed when taking a picture with your look, but for that it is interesting to learn  take pictures tumblr style, choose the best angles and thus leave your social networks grooving.

And finally, don't forget to put a subtitle that will match everything, your look, your makeup and your high spirits, after that all you have to do is wait for your likes to arrive, but if you don't care about likes, parade around with your super glamorous look.

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