Measures for a Perfect Body: Female and Male


Everyone has a part of the body that they would definitely change, whether it is increasing the butt, decreasing the waist or slimming the thighs, no one is satisfied with what they have, but knowing what the measurements are to have a perfect body is the starting point. to achieve this feat! Remember the ideal of perfection can be different from person to person, maybe what is beautiful for you may not be beautiful for me, not even television artists after so many plastics and changes can't reach such a standard of beauty imposed by society.

Remember you have a unique beauty and it is often imperfections that make you rare, Russian super model Karolina Kurkova is a clear example that no one is perfect, Karolina underwent childhood surgery that left her with almost no belly button, but that didn't stop her from being one of the most sought after models in the world for bikini and lingerie shows.

Measures for a Perfect Body: Female and Male

But, one of the great doubts mainly among women is about what would be a perfect body in people's conception? Is there a perfect ideal number? Don't worry, all your questions will be answered below:

Measures for a Perfect Body: Female and Male

One of the crucial factors in how we identify a woman's ideal proportions is through her body mass index. The BMI must be between 18.5 and 24.99 but if it exceeds this number, the person is considered overweight. Of course, perfect body proportions are different in each country. In western countries, for example, the ideal body is the thinnest, while in Brazil the perfect body is the most attractive with curves.

Your body shape is derived from your genetics, eating habits and daily activities such as working out. Your genes set a path for the type of body shape you will have, however if necessary you can rebuild it very favorably to get the body you want. So, you can take control of your body shape with the right information, nutrition and exercise to get your own idea of a healthy body perfect for girls.

Measures for a Perfect Body: Female and Male

Ideal measurements for a perfect female body


The female body measurements is divided into 3 categories fit, normal and thin bodies. If you are a thin woman, the perfect measurements should be between 80 to 90 cm bust, waist 56 to 66 cm maximum and between 80 to 90 cm hip. In the case of fit women, measurements should be bust 85 to 95 cm, waist 70 to 80 cm and hips 95 to 105 cm.

In the case of normal women, who are the majority of Brazilians, including myself, who am not skinny, nor fat, and much less healed, the most suitable measurements are: bust 80 to 90cm, waist 60 to 70cm and hips 85 to 95cm. Noting that all measurements used in the example above will vary depending on weight and height, however, the examples shown were given based on the weight and height of most average women ranging from 1.70 to 1.80 m, and the weight between 54 at 64kg.

Measures for a Perfect Male Body

Due to the man's bone structure being much larger than the woman's, the measure of a perfect body for both is different. It is important to emphasize that two men can be the same height and weigh the same thing, however, if one looks fatter, this happens because one has more muscles and less fat, but why does this happen? Let's explain it very simply, a pound of muscle takes up about ¼ the volume of a pound of fat. So, if you "trade" a pound of fat for a pound of muscle, you'll look leaner, even if the scale doesn't show you that.

muscle x fat

If you are not satisfied with your body and you have a weight in mind that you would like to achieve, divide it by your height, for example: 80kg and 1.80cm, the count will be 80/180, after performing the operation the coefficient will be 0.44 , then just check the table to know your ideal measurement.

How to take your measurements at home

how to take measurements

Bust: at the height of the nipple.

Chest: Located below the armpit crease

Arms: Flex your arm up with your elbow at shoulder height.

Waist: Wrap the tape around your waist two fingers above your belly button

Abdomen: between the navel and the hip bone.

Hip: Below the most prominent lateral hip bone

Thighs: On the (top) of the most prominent bone of your knee

Calves: Keep your legs straight so that the weight distribution is equal in both, then just measure the largest area of the place.

Size Chart for a Perfect Body

With the help of the table below you will have a small idea of what are the ideal measurements to achieve a perfect body.