Baby Birth Messages


One of the reasons for joy in a house is the birth of a baby and we often want to pay tribute to the parents and especially the arrival of a new member of the family and today we separate several birth messages.

I can only imagine the joy you are feeling at this unique time in your life. Knowing that this new life that will soon arrive will make you happy and fulfilled. You are blessed, for you are the hope of a new being to have the chance to be among us to carry out his mission on earth. A spirit that will count on your guidance and love, helping you on your way. But know that this is a wonderful and enriching task. Congratulations and be very happy!

How happy is the day when we learn that a new life has arrived. May you be a strong, beautiful and wonderful child. We are very honored and happy to share this very special moment in your lives. In our hearts and in our thoughts, there is only one request… May this new being come like a ray of sunshine to give color and warmth to your lives. Congratulations to the dads!

Congratulations on the beautiful girl

Congratulations on the arrival of the long-awaited little princess. I wish this beautiful girl to grow up in good health and will surely bring you many joys. This moment is magical, as it is a gift from God.

birth prayer

He arrived, and the house was filled with fragrance. It looks like spring. In you, Holy Father, source of all paternity, in you are all our sources. You sent us a desired and dreamed gift: a child arrived for the feast of the party. Welcome! How are we going to thank you, Lord of life, with what words? Thank you for your eyes and for your hands, Thank you for your feet and for your skin, Thank you for your body and for your soul, In your hands of tenderness we place him so that you take care of him, caress him and fill him with sweetness. Holy and dear Father, put an angel by your side to prevent the passage of illness and all evil, and guide you through the paths of health and well-being. May good, peace and blessing accompany you all the days of your life Amen


Congratulations on the beautiful boy

Congratulations on the arrival of the long-awaited heir. I wish that this beautiful boy grows up in good health and will surely bring you many joys. May God bless the life of this boy who will grow up with much peace in his heart and will become the best man in the world. This moment is magical. Congratulations on this gift from God

Congratulations on the Birth of the Baby!
A baby is born with a need to be loved. And it never loses this need. I will be among the many who will make your new baby one of the dearest beings on our planet.
Babies are born with eyes ready to see everything that is precious, embrace everything that is joyful, and want unconditionally with all their heart.
The miracle of a birth is a unique treasure for a woman. Congratulations and enjoy.
A newborn baby fills a hole its mother never knew existed in her heart.