Music for the Entrance of the Daminhas and Pages: 30 Options


We have to agree that the wedding ceremony is already beautiful in itself, but one of the most awaited moments after the bride's entrance is precisely the entrance of the bridesmaids and pages, the children bring all the charm, innocence and delicacy that the moment asks for the guests. and also, the bride and groom are thrilled, and to make this moment even more memorable, choosing a beautiful and special music is essential to make this an unforgettable moment!

To be able to make a very nice selection of songs you must have a lot of calm and discretion, since these compositions will set the tone for each stage of the ceremony. Take into account that this is a moment for the little ones to shine for this reason, be inspired by references from the children's universe with the songs known by the little ones so that they feel comfortable and happy.

Music for the Entrance of the Daminhas and Pages: 30 Options

The songs can be both national and international, however, it is necessary to inform yourself about the translation of international songs because many songs have an incredible melody, but when translating it we were disappointed with the meaning of the lyrics. To make the mood even cuter and full of sweetness, invest in soft, playful melodies and with a composition that brings calm and lightness will add making the moment worthy of sighs.

Music for the Entrance of the Daminhas and Pages: 30 Options

As this is one of the most awaited and happiest moments of your life, we could not be left out, we made a selection with more than 30 songs for the entrance of the bridesmaids and pages, the ideal is for you to listen to them one by one together with your fiancé and only then, choose the one that best suits your style.

  • Leãozinho – Caetano Veloso

  • For You I Saved Love (Nando Reis and Ana Cañas)

  • Golden Rosemary – Popular song


  • Let it go – Free I am (Frozen Theme – Instrumental)

  • Watercolor – Toquinho

  • The Tribalists – Old Childhood 

  • All I Have To Do Is Dream – Everly Brothers

  • Beauty and the beast (Beauty and the Beast Theme) – Celine Dion

  • Of all the crazy people in the world – Clarice Falcão

  • Tan Tan – Leo Fressato

  • If This Street Were Mine – Popular Song

  • Chico Buarque – “João e Maria”

  • Can you feel the love tonight (The Lion King Theme) – Elton John

  • Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles Tribute

  • Milton Nascimento Sock Ball, Marble Ball

  • Once upon a time – Sandy and Junior and Toquinho


  • Adriana Partimpim – Beautiful Love Lake

  • Djavan – A Pure Love

  • Bruna Karla – Glad you arrived

  • It's chocolate – Train of Joy

  • The notebook

  • Cassia Eller – The second sun

  • spring song

  • Bach – G string aria – [Air on the G String]

  • When God created you

  • I'm Like This Without You – Adriana Calcanhoto

  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 'Over The Rainbow

  • Photograph – Ed Sheeran

  • Ana Vitória - Trevo