The 98 best questions for the game What do you prefer


Group games are ideal to do at a party with friends or even with family on a weekend where everyone is together. The game what do you prefer, also known as what would you do consists of asking questions to the other person and if they don't answer they will be eliminated from the game.

the tag what do you prefer became very popular mainly because famous Youtubers make this joke in their videos, if you also want to play but are out of ideas to prepare the questions, to help you we put together a list with questions ranging from the lightest and funniest, to the most heavy and + 18 aimed at the adult audience.

How to play What Would You Rather?

This game requires a minimum of 2 people to play, but the more you have, the more fun the game will be. A person must be chosen to start the game and he must ask a question with 2 options for the person next to him, it can be a funny question or even difficult or heavy, such as: Would you rather die of thirst or die hungry?

Either this or that, the person who is going to answer can't choose any of the options or skip the question, if they don't want to answer, they can only choose the option "suicide" which means the same as giving up the game.

Who doesn't answer drinks

A second way to play which do you prefer it's playing with drink, the rules are the same, someone asks the question, the person next to you answers, if they don't want to answer one thing or another, instead of being eliminated from the game, they'll have to have a drink, it can be something more stronger or weaker, this must be decided before the game starts.

Questions for what you prefer light and cool

In addition to being cool, this game usually has funny questions or dilemmas, this category of questions are ideas to play among the family and even between teenagers and children.

What do you prefer…



  1. Have Goofy Voice or Mickey Mouse Voice
  2. Just whisper for the rest of your life or just scream for the rest of your life
  3. Having a cat with a dog personality or a dog with a cat personality
  4. Drink only milk for the rest of your life or just lemon juice for the rest of your life
  5. Exercise every day and live to be 100 or eat everything and live to be 65
  6. Eating the same food for the rest of your life or never being able to use social media again
  7. Running out of internet or running out of mouth teeth
  8. Have a fortune of 20 billion reais or find a cure for cancer and AIDS
  9. Have an always healthy heart or an always healthy brain
  10. Be a fish from the waist up or be a fish from the waist down
  11. Being rich and selfish or poor and disinterested
  12. Use only Youtube or use only Facebook
  13. Know everything or have everything
  14. Dying in 20 years with no regrets or dying at 90 with lots of regrets
  15. Let no one show up at your wake or your wedding
  16. Go back to 1950 or be able to go to 2050
  17. Find all the green traffic lights or never get in line again
  18. Look young and feel old or look old and feel young
  19. cold or heat
  20. Stay 1 year in prison or lose 1 year of your life
  21. Getting caught staring at a stranger or getting caught lying to a friend
  22. Always losing a game or never being able to play
  23. To be rich or to be immortal
  24. sweet or salty
  25. Live 1 month in the desert or 1 month at the North Pole
  26. Being the worst player on a winning team or being the best player on a losing team
  27. Never be able to sit down or never stand up again
  28. read a book or watch a movie
  29. May they never forget you or always remember that you are a bad person
  30. Never leave your town or never vote for your town
  31. Be a zombie or a vampire
  32. Breathe underwater or fly
  33. Always be 1 hour late or always 1 hour early for your appointments
  34. Play chess or checkers
  35. washing hair with soap or washing dishes with shampoo
  36. Never having to work again or never being able to sleep again
  37. tattoo or piercing
  38. See 10 minutes of your own future or 10 minutes of someone else's future
  39. Never wear underwear again or never wear pants again
  40. To be loved or to be feared
  41. Be a multimillionaire or live in a world where pokemon exist
  42. Living in an amusement park or zoo
  43. Having dandruff for the rest of your life or having chapped lips for the rest of your life
  44. Go back to the past to meet your ancestors or go to the future to meet your great-grandchildren
  45. Having 1 finger less or 1 finger more

Questions for what do you prefer hard

  1. Being forced to live the same day over and over again for an entire year or taking 3 years off the end of your life?
  2. Having one nipple or two belly buttons
  3. Eating raw meat or eating raw beans
  4. Having a disgraceful tattoo on your arm or having a ridiculous cut and hair
  5. Become a zombie for 1 day or become a vampire for 1 day
  6. Measure 1.24 or measure 2.50
  7. replacing arms with swords or feet with wheels
  8. Not having both eyebrows or having only one eyebrow
  9. have 3 feet or have 3 hands
  10. Go blind or lose memory
  11. Forget how to speak or forget how to read
  12. Not having a genital organ or having 3 genitals
  13. Being a woman with male organs or being a man with female organs
  14. Would you rather be very underweight or very overweight?
  15. Would you rather have 10 kids in your entire life or never be able to have kids
  16. To be an ordinary person today or a king 2500 years ago
  17. Knowing how you're going to die or when you're going to die
  18. Being stung by 100 bees or 5 scorpions
  19. Living underwater or underground
  20. Being alone all your life or never having real friends
  21. Have more time or more money
  22. Having free wi-fi wherever you go or having free coffee wherever you go
  23. Never eat lunch or dinner again
  24. be fluent in all languages or know how to play all musical instruments
  25. Having a super sensitive palate or super hearing
  26. Living in a cave for 1 month or in a tree house for 1 month
  27. Continue to grow feet or hands as you age
  28. Eat only meat or eat only fish for the rest of your life
  29. Sell all your assets or sell 1 of your organs
  30. Songs from the 90's or Current Songs

Questions for what do you prefer heavy and +18

In order to ask these questions, a certain level of intimacy or even a good time of friendship must have between the participants, that's because they can be a little embarrassing.

  1. Being horny 24 hours a day or just once a year
  2. Be a girl or a boy if born again
  3. Go 1 month topless or 1 month without panties
  4. Leaking a video of your first time or posting all your sexual fantasies
  5. Your partner has a homosexual or heterosexual affair
  6. Making love only in the dark or only in a public place
  7. Eating shit that tastes like chocolate or chocolate that tastes like shit
  8. betray or be betrayed
  9. Making love forever in the car or in the shower
  10. Love with the lights on or off
  11. Eating a used toilet paper roll or vomiting every 10 minutes for 1 week
  12. Drink 1 cup of sweat or eat a hairy sandwich
  13. Eating a cockroach or neutering a goat with the mouth
  14. Be invisible to people of the opposite sex or people of the same sex
  15. Be famous in the history books or when you die be forgotten
  16. Having a tail or having a horn
  17. Have 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck
  18. Going barefoot for the rest of your life or wearing tight sneakers for the rest of your life
  19. Living to 120 and having done nothing in life or living to 50 and being very famous.
  20. Reincarnate as a fly or simply cease to exist
  21. Losing your car or losing all the photos you've ever taken
  22. Cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush and having to use it afterwards or cleaning the floor with your tongue
  23. Being trapped in a room with dead bodies or eating 5 tarantulas