86 questions for "Never have I ever" heavy and +18 to play with


Questions for me never heavy - The funniest questions for this classic game that is successful in the circle of friends. Ideal for discovering the secrets of friends kept under 7 keys. Recommended for adults +18.

Never Glum Questions +18

  1. I never kissed two people at the same time
  2. I have never been to a nude beach
  3. I've never been with someone 10 years older
  4. I've never seen anyone in this room without clothes
  5. I've never been with more than two people at a party
  6. I never had a friend's ex
  7. I never faked an orgasm
  8. I never fantasized about a teacher
  9. Never Have I Ever sent nudes
  10. I never made love in the shower
  11. I never made love in the rain
  12. I never made love at sea
  13. I never found the G-spot, and I don't even know what it is
  14. I never failed at the H time
  15. I never went to a sex shop
  16. I never tried more than 5 different positions
  17. I have never had a relationship with someone married
  18. I never found anyone watching naughty
  19. I never found a relative making love
  20. I have never been without a condom
  21. I never showered with anyone present
  22. I never said I love you without feeling
  23. I never doubted my sexual orientation
  24. I have never bought or used a vibrator
  25. I never paid for love
  26. I never pretended to swallow
  27. I never caught my brother making love
  28. I never lasted more than 15 minutes in bed
  29. I never gave a Greek kiss
  30. I never made a threesome
  31. I was never surprised by my parents while making love
  32. I have never shaved my partner's pubic hair
  33. I never had a one night stand
  34. I never broke in my life
  35. I never took the morning after pill
  36. I never talked to my parents about sexuality
  37. I never made love to a relative
  38. I've never had an erotic fantasy with anyone from this group
  39. I was never handcuffed
  40. I never had an orgasm while sleeping
  41. I never talked to my girlfriend while shitting
  42. I have never participated in an orgy
  43. I have never worn clothing of the opposite sex
  44. I never spoke ill of anyone in this group
  45. I never kissed anyone with breath
  46. I never broke the bed during pleasure
  47. I never spent the night in the barracks
  48. I never cried for love
  49. I've never been with more than 5 people in my life
  50. I've never done naughty things with a stuffed animal
  51. I never wear the same underwear for more than three days
  52. I never replied thank you when they said I love you
  53. I've never been turned on by the father or mother of anyone in this room
  54. I never did sexting (message sex)
  55. I have never tried pet food (dog, cat, bird)
  56. I never sent an erotic message by mistake
  57. I never had an erotic dream
  58. I never had a weird fetish
  59. I never used love balls
  60. I never made love outdoors
  61. I never used explosive balls
  62. I never peed in the shower
  63. I have never been sexually attracted to a cartoon
  64. I never faked a headache not to have sex
  65. I never pretended to sleep so I wouldn't have sex
  66. I've never been with someone who has a boyfriend
  67. I never made love to two people on the same day
  68. I never had anything with anyone in this room
  69. I never peed in the pool
  70. I never tried to guess someone's password
  71. I never pretended I was talking on the phone
  72. I have never been with someone of the same sex
  73. I never made an appointment over the internet
  74. Never Have I Ever unfaithful
  75. I never looked at my partner's phone
  76. I never spit in someone's drink
  77. I never made a fake account to try to trick my boyfriend
  78. I never called the partner by the ex's name
  79. I never threw up to keep drinking
  80. I never had an STD
  81. I never had an alcoholic coma
  82. I never drove drunk
  83. I never robbed a supermarket
  84. I was never carried for being too drunk
  85. Never Have I Ever smoked weed
  86. I never accidentally sent a like to my ex

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