Does Tragus Piercing Hurt? Risks and Cautions: Learn all about


Today's tip goes to those people who have always wanted to get a tragus piercing but due to lack of information about it, they ended up in doubt whether they should do it or not, this is a type of piercing that is increasingly popular among the male audience. like the feminine and it's not for less since those who make it guarantee that it's worth it.

For those who are already used to having piercings in other parts of the body, it is much easier to decide if they really want to have them or not, now for those who are still laymen on this subject, there is always that little fear of hurting too much when pierced or even if you can there is a risk of a possible infection, these and other questions will be answered below.

Which is?

It is very easy to find the tragus, for those who still don't know where it is, just look at your ear in the mirror, it is located just above the lobe right in front of the ear canal, essential for our ears the tragus is responsible for capturing the sounds that arise behind person's.

Placing a tragus piercing has become very common, it is almost an essential piece to be in fashion, despite being used by both sexes, it is more common to be seen in women who adhere to this piece because it is versatile and adds to the charm. feminine.

Piercing in the Tragus

Does tragus piercing hurt?

Pain is something very relative, there are people who have a greater sensitivity to pain, others not so much, for those who already have piercings in other parts of the body, they already have an idea of the level of pain they can tolerate, now for those who don't have it yet it will have what to do to evaluate.

But there are really certain parts of the body that when pierced can hurt a little more or a little less, and in the case of tragus piercing the pain will be a little greater since this is a part that contains cartilage and is also a little thick.


But this is not a reason to give up putting it on, it is a tolerable pain that will disappear after a few days, if this is your fear, look for information with friends who have already performed this drilling and solve your doubts, on Youtube it is also possible to find several videos on that subject.

See how it's placed:


Never try to get a tragus piercing at home, it can be dangerous as you are not prepared for it and can cause infections and intense pain. The ideal is to look for a professional place for this, which has its equipment properly sterilized and clean.

heart piercing
Heart piercing in the tragus


It is the care that will guarantee a good healing of the site so it is essential to follow the tips to the letter so that there are no complications, it is very likely that in the place where the perforation is performed, the professional will give you care tips to avoid infections and keloids, they may be similar to those given below.

1 – First of all, the most important thing is to clean the place, it must be done at least 4 times a day, it must be done with saline and antiseptic, but first, of course, do not forget to wash your hands well before touching. at the site, it is a wound and bacteria can enter.

2 – Some feeding tips will also be suggested, such as avoiding eating fatty meats such as pork, eggs and chocolates are also prohibited, it is these types of foods that may favor the appearance of keloids and pimples, which can inflame the place, thus making necessary to remove the jewelry.

3 – Speaking of jewelry, choose to put a jewelry made of surgical steel that will have less possibility of rejection, avoid removing it before the healing process, if it is removed before the first 30 days it will be very difficult and painful to try to put it on again and with that it will be necessary to drill a new hole.

4 - Sun, beach, sea water, waterfall should also be avoided, this can cause infections that will disrupt the whole process.

How much?

The value is quite relative, it may differ from region to region and will also depend on the popularity of the place, places where demand is high may also have a higher price due to schedules and ect, but on average we can say that it is around 70 reais, be suspicious if this value is much lower than that, perhaps the reputation and hygiene of the place are not adequate.

Beautiful tragus piercing pictures

Piercing in the Tragus Piercing in the Tragus Piercing in the Tragus Piercing in the Tragus Piercing in the Tragus Piercing in the Tragus Piercing in the Tragus hoop jewelry ear with earring

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