Poems Cecília Meireles Infantil: 17 Beautiful Options


Born in 1901 Cecília Meireles was a carioca, who not only became famous for her incredible poetry and rhymes, but was also a Brazilian journalist, painter, writer and teacher. Having as main characteristic the musical style, the poems of Cecília Meireles not only please adults but also the little ones due to their fun and cute stanzas.

Your words so docile that have been enchanting generations, and will be remembered forever! In addition to children's themes, other frequent themes are isolation, loneliness, time, identity, abandonment and loss. Start right now to stimulate your children, nephews and students' interest in reading through Cecília Meireles's books. .

For those who don't know Cecília Meirelles was the founder of the first children's library in Rio de Janeiro. We have selected below the most beautiful poems by Cecília Meireles for children that are perfect to encourage little ones to read, take a little time every day to read together with your children, so reading will be something pleasant and spontaneous.

Poems Cecília Meireles Infantil

The dancer

This girl
so tiny
want to be a ballerina.
It knows neither pity nor reverse
but knows how to stand on tiptoe.

You don't know me or you
But bends the body this way and that

You know neither there nor yourself,
but close your eyes and smile.


Wheel, wheel, wheel, with little arms in the air
and doesn't get dizzy or get out of place.

Put a star and a veil in your hair
and says it fell from the sky.

This girl
so tiny
want to be a ballerina.

But then forget all the dances,
and also wants to sleep like other children.

either this or that

Or if there is rain and there is no sun
or if there is sun and there is no rain!

Or you put on the glove and don't put on the ring,
or you put on the ring and don't put on the glove!

Who rises in the air does not stay on the ground,
whoever stays on the ground does not rise in the air.

It is a great pity that one cannot
be in two places at the same time!

Or I save the money and don't buy the candy,
or I buy the candy and spend the money.

Either this or that: either this or that…
and I live choosing all day long!

I don't know if I play, I don't know if I study,
whether I run away or stay calm.

But I still can't understand
which is better: whether it is this or that.

The girls

opened the window.

raised the curtain.

and Mary
looked and smiled:
"Good Morning!"

was always the most beautiful.

the wisest girl.

and Mary
just smile:
"Good Morning!"

We will think of every girl
who lived in that window;

one called Arabela,
one called Carolina.

But the deep longing
It's Mary, Mary, Mary,

who said in a friendly voice:
"Good Morning!"

the mosquito writes

the mosquito mosquito
braid your legs, make an M,
then, shake, shake, shake,
makes a rather oblong O,
make an S
The mosquito goes up and down.
With arts that no one sees,
make a Q,
makes a U, and makes an I.
this mosquito
crosses his paws, makes a T.

What's up,
rounds up and makes another O,
more beautiful.

No longer illiterate,
this insect,
because he knows how to write his name.

But then go look
someone who can sting,
because writing is tiring,
isn't it, child?

And he is very hungry

to go to the moon

As long as they don't have rockets
to go to the moon
boys ride scooters
along the sidewalks of the street.

Go blind of speed:
even if they break their nose,
what great happiness!
To be fast is to be happy.

Oh! if they could be angels
of long wings!
But they are just big guys.

girl dreams

The flower that the girl dreams of
are you in the dream?
or on the pillowcase?


the wind alone
in your cart.

what size
would it be the herd?

The neighbor
the parasol
of spider's web. . .

On the moon there is a nest
of bird.

The moon that the girl dreams of
it's the linen of the dream
or the pillowcase moon?

the blue boy

The boy wants a donkey
to walk.
a gentle donkey,
don't run or jump,
but know how to talk.

The boy wants a donkey
who knows how to say
the name of the rivers,
the mountains, the flowers,
— of everything that appears.

The boy wants a donkey
who knows how to invent beautiful stories
with people and animals
and with little boats at sea.

And the two will go out into the world
which is like a garden
just wider
and maybe longer
and that it has no end.

(Whoever knows of such a donkey,
can write
to Rua das Casas,
Port Number,
to the Blue Boy who can't read.)

the top floor

On the top floor is more beautiful:
from the top floor you can see the sea.
That's where I want to live.

The top floor is too far:
it takes a lot to get there.
But that's where I want to live.

All the sky stays all night
on the top floor.
That's where I want to live.

When the moon is shining, on the terrace
there is all the moonlight.
That's where I want to live.

The birds hide there,
for no one to mistreat them:
on the top floor.

From there you can see the whole world:
everything seems close, in the air.
This is where I want to live:

on the top floor.

Carolina necklace

With your coral necklace,
run between the columns
from the hill.

Carolina's necklace
color the lime collar,
makes the girl blush.

And the sun, seeing that color
from Carolina's Necklace,
put on coral crowns

on the columns of the hill.

the white horse

In the afternoon, the white horse
is very tired:

but there is a little piece of countryside
where it's always a holiday.

The horse shakes its mane
blond and long

and in the green herbs shoots
your white life.

Your neigh shakes the roots
and he teaches the winds

the joy of feeling free
your moves.

Worked all day, so much!
since dawn!

Rest among the flowers, white horse,
golden mane!

garden auction

Who buys me a garden with flowers?
Butterflies of many colors,
washerwomen and birds,
green and blue eggs in the nests?

Who buys me this snail?
Who buys me a sun ray?
A lizard between the wall and the ivy,
a statue of Spring?

Who buys me this anthill?
And this frog, who is a gardener?
And the grasshopper and his song?
And the cricket inside the floor?

(This is my auction.)

The Echo

The boy asks the echo
Where is he hiding?
But the echo only answers: Where? Where?

The boy also asks him:
Echo, come for a walk with me!

But don't know if the echo is a friend
or enemy.

For he only hears him say: Migo!

At Chico Bolacha's farm

At Chico Bolacha's farm
what are you looking for
never found!

When it rains a lot,
Chico plays on a boat,
because the farm turns into a pond.

When it doesn't rain at all,
Chico works with the hoe
and then it gets hurt
and your hands are swollen.

Therefore, with Chico Bolacha,
what are you looking for
is never found.

They say that Chico's farm
there's only chuchu
and a lame puppy
which is called Caxambu.

Other things, nobody looks for,
because you don't think so.

Poor Chico Bolacha!

the fearful lizard

The lizard looks like a leaf
green and yellow.
And resides among the leaves, the tank
and the stone stairs.
Suddenly out of the foliage,
quickly, quickly
look at the sun, aim at the clouds and run
over the stone.
Drink the sun, drink the still day,
your form so quiet,
it is not known if it is an animal, if it is a leaf
fallen on the stone.
When someone approaches,

— oh! What shadow is that? —
the lizard soon hides
between leaves and stone.

But in the shelter, lift your head
scared and smart:
what giants are these that pass
by the stone stairs?
So he lives, full of fear,
intimidated and alert,
the lizard (which everyone likes)
between the leaves, the pond and the stone.

Careful and curious,
the lizard watches.
And don't you see the giants smile
for him, from the stone.
So he lives, full of fear,
intimidated and alert,
the lizard (which everyone likes)
between the leaves, the pond and the stone.

Laura's dress

Laura's dress
is three ruffles,
all embroidered.

The first one, all
all flowers
of many colors.

In the second, just
butterflies flying,
in a fine bunch.

The third, stars,
lace stars
– perhaps of legend…

Laura's dress
we will see now,
without further delay!

that the stars pass by,
butterflies, flowers
lose their colors.
If we don't go fast,
the dress is over
all embroidered and flowery!

pepper flower song

The pepper flower is a little star,
thin and white,
the pepper flower.

Fire berries come after the party
of the stars.
Fire berries.

Little purple, golden, red hearts,
very ardent.
Little hearts.

And the little flowers so unsteady
lie far away.
The little flowers…

Changed into splinters, seeds of fire
so poignant!
They changed into barbs.

New ones will open,
of this fire,
many stars…

Nhem's language

there was an old lady
who was bored
because he gave his life
to talk to someone.

And I was always at home
the good old lady
muttering to herself:

the sleeping cat
in the corner of the kitchen
listening to the old lady,
started too

meowing in that language
and if she grumbled,
the kitten accompanied her:

Then came the dog
neighbor's house,
duck, goat and chicken
from here, from there, from beyond,

and everyone learned
talking night and day
in that melody

so the old lady
who suffered a lot
for not having company
nor talk to anyone,

was all happy,
because the mouth barely opened
everything answered him: