Sympathies for Separating Couple


Who never liked a person who was already committed? I think most people do, but for the game of love, anything goes and one of the most powerful weapons to separate a couple are the sympathies that, done correctly, work super well. A happy couple can make us unhappy, especially if we want one of those people.

Nowadays it is super easy to find sympathy on the web. It is possible to find from the simplest that can be done in a matter of hours, to the most elaborate that can take a long time to complete. Some of these sympathies can separate couples from boyfriends, marriages or even lovers, a tip for when you are going to do it is to believe a lot and send positive thoughts like this, everything will work out. I separated some spells to separate couple. Check it out:
- Roman god of war
On a Wednesday you will light a red candle for the Roman God of War. With the candle lit, focus and talk to the God Mars asking the couple to separate urgently. In a matter of days the couple will start to fight and they will separate because the Roman god of war is the god of intrigue and fights.
- Court and Light Sympathy 
Look for a waking light, and coat it with a piece of cloth and clear oil. Put a photo of the couple you want to separate. If you don't have a picture, write your names on a piece of paper, and add clear oil or lemon juice or olive oil. Stay focused. Now take the photo of the people you want to separate. Engrave the two images on opposite sides of the candle and burn them all.
-Coffee sympathy
This is a super simple sympathy, you will need some black coffee.
 - 1 cup
– 2 pieces of paper
– 1 black pen
– 1 teaspoon of salt
- Boiling water
Write the couple's name on each piece of paper and place it inside the cup. Boil water and add boiling water to 3/4 cup. Then, put a teaspoon of salt in the water and the 7 teaspoons of coffee, and repeat the following sentence So-and-so will never see so-and-so again, after a few days the couple will separate. Watch this video with the step by step of the sympathy of bitter coffee with cachaça and pepper to separate a couple.