Eyebrow Shadow: All about this micropigmentation technique


Aesthetic treatments exist in droves, but each one has its specificities, such as the shadow eyebrow, do you already know this micropigmentation technique?

Only those who have faulty or very sparse eyebrows know how taking care of them on a daily basis can be quite time-consuming and even a little complicated.

Correction with makes can even solve the problem, but only for a short period of hours, which can become quite laborious having to do this every day.


To our delight, there are aesthetic procedures that can be the solution to the problem, in addition to leaving it with a much more natural appearance, it also has the advantage of lasting months and months.

What is shadow eyebrow

It is a micropigmentation technique that leaves the eyebrows looking smoky, giving volume to the wires and correcting any imperfections.

After the geometric mapping of the face (Face frame) is done, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the face and then the procedure begins, which is done using a device known as a dermograph.


It is common in the first days for it to be very marked, but over the course of the days it will lighten, thus getting a super natural look.

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Shadow eyebrow healed in how long?

It is always good to take special care with the eyebrows in the healing process, never plucking the scabs and using bepantol to help with the process.

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Other frequently asked questions

Eyebrow shadow or thread by thread, what's the difference?

shadow eyebrow

A smoky micropigmentation is performed, ensuring that the eyebrows have a shading effect, in addition to being perfect for giving more volume and disguising any imperfections.

eyebrow thread by thread

Using the same equipment that is used to make the eyebrow shadow (the demographer), here the drawings of the eyebrow threads are made following the natural threads, in this technique the background smoky effect is not created, but it is also perfect for hiding flaws and make the eyebrows thicker.

Shadow eyebrow: Value: There is no specific price that each professional will charge, it will depend on several factors such as demand for the professional and state. The ideal is to stay for a few, get references from friends and choose what you find most reliable.

How long does shadow eyebrow last? When done, the shadow pigmentation is quite evident, as time passes it will lighten until the technique needs to be performed again, but on average it lasts from 6 months to 1 year.

Peeling Shadow Eyebrows: As the technique superficially wounds the skin, it is common in the first days after it is performed, some crusts appear that cannot be ripped off.

Shadow eyebrow, necessary care: Avoid removing the crusts, avoid the sun as much as possible during the healing time, avoid hot water until it heals, acid-based cosmetics should be avoided.

It hurts? This is one of the doubts that ends up keeping people away from doing the procedure, but as an anesthetic ointment is used, almost no pain will be felt, just an annoyance caused by the anesthetic ointment.

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