Altered TGO and TGP: What Could It Be? High and Low Values


When it comes to taking care of health, we automatically think of doing a blood test to know how the levels of glucose and platelets are going, but an organ of the body that should also be a target of concern when it comes to health is the liver and for find out how your health is going, it is necessary to carry out tests to see if the TGO and TGP levels they are highs or lows, thus discovering if they are altered.

People are usually concerned about the health of their liver only when they are going to have a stronger drink, but even if it is not an organ that has many problems, it is essential to monitor its health as it is responsible for metabolizing any substance it contains in the blood. .

TGO and TGP: What are they?

  1. TGO – oxalacetic glutamic transaminase
  2. TGP – Pyruvic glutamic transaminase

TGO and TGP are enzymes that are present in cells and mainly in the liver, they are responsible for the metabolization of some proteins, high values or tgo and tgp basses may indicate that something abnormal may be happening in the liver, are indicators of possible liver damage.

But be aware that high or low values of tgo and tgp can indicate that there is a problem or not, other symptoms can be observed by the doctor to know if something really may be happening, the general clinical picture, can also be observed by the doctor to confirm or not a liver injury.

Changed TGO and TGP

Finding out if the tgo and tgp are altered is the first step in detecting the real problem, since even knowing that there may be something wrong, only the examination of these enzymes will not be enough to discover the real cause of the problem, other tests may be requested by the doctor for more details.

Normal TGO and TGP Exam

Check the reference values to know if the tgo and tgp are really changed

TGO = up to 40 Karmen Units; TGP = up to 30 UK


tgo and tgp changed

Elevated TGO and TGP Exam

Before performing these liver tests, it is ideal to avoid drugs that may alter these values, drugs such as pain relievers, antidepressants and antibiotics may interfere with the result. Another factor that can also raise the levels of tgo and tgp is the fact that the person has fatty liver, this usually occurs in people who abuse alcohol, people with diabetes and hepatitis C, but in these cases the values are moderately high.

Illnesses that make TGO and TGP high or low

As mentioned earlier, changes in the values of transaminase it only indicates that there may be something wrong with your liver but does not tell you exactly what the problem is, know now some diseases that can cause changes in tgo and tgp.

  • Severe Viral Hepatitis – May elevate blood pressure values 1,000 to 3,000 U
  • Biliary obstruction – In these types of disease, the TGO and TGP values can be between 1,000 to 2,000 U however, they may drop suddenly to values <300 U/L
  • Ischemic liver diseases and viral hepatitis can change the values for > 1,000 U.
  • Cholestasis - Values < 300 U are seen in people suffering from this disease.
  • Laennec cirrhosis and anicteric viral hepatitis will have values of 50 to 200 U.

The liver is one of the strongest organs in the body and when there is something wrong with it, it usually has almost no symptoms, when any symptoms of a problem with the liver are noticed it can already be considerably damaged.

Therefore, it is ideal to carry out periodic exams to be able to know clearly how your liver health is, if you happen to notice changes in your tgo and tgp exam, avoid self-medicating and look for a specialist for more information about it.