Anti-Allergy Makeup: 6 brands to try and where to buy


If your skin is sensitive and prone to allergies but still doesn't give up using good makeup, know that nowadays there are several makeups made especially for your skin type, they are called hypoallergenic. Products that fall into this category are less likely to cause allergic reactions, are gentler and safer for the skin than other products.

To look more beautiful and highlight some points of the face, many women use make-up tricks to feel more beautiful because makeup has the power to hide imperfections on the face such as: pimples, blemishes and even scars and this is wonderful, don't you think girls?

Unfortunately, not everyone can use any makeup because they have allergies caused by the ingredients contained in the product. But don't worry, nowadays we can count on several brands that specialize in creating anti-allergic makeup that are ideal for women with the most sensitive skin, but the most recommended thing is that you look for a dermatologist because only he can give you the correct guidance. .

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Brands that offer hypoallergenic makeup


Eyeliner, mascara and other products can be purchased both on the brand's website and in cosmetic stores.

Who said, Bernice?

It has several products that are hypoallergenic and that can be a great alternative, but the ideal is to buy and test on a part of the body before buying many products, this way you will ensure that it really does not hurt.

The boticario


Here you can find almost everything you need in terms of makeup, such as foundation, powder, lipsticks, all at very affordable prices.


Trusted brand that has been on the market for years, generally works for most allergy sufferers, no more itchy, watery eyes and other allergy-caused problems, find foundation, concealer, primer, powder and everything in between.


Find several items that are hypoallergenic and test to see if they are right for you, use mascara, mascara, and more.


Super known and recommended by those who use it, Dermage has a little bit of everything you need, just try it to know if it will be ideal for your skin.

Prices vary depending on the product and brand chosen, you can find eyeshadows starting at R$12.00 and reaching up to R$ 50.00. For more information on the subject, go to the website of each brand and you will find everything and a little more about this subject and some very cool beauty products, so you who are allergic can wear makeup with more peace of mind and you can always look beautiful!

Currently, some makeups already cause less allergic reactions and irritations than traditional makeups, such as mineral makeup, which because it contains natural elements, you will be less at risk of developing allergies or irritations. Prefer makeup with more well-known and respected brands in the market because they contain quality products in their composition, offer better results and last longer on the face, opting for cheap products can often harm your skin and with that the cheap will be expensive.

A widely used tip is to buy a few things from various brands and test for a few days to see if any allergic reaction occurs, remember to start testing in the palm of your hand and see if there was any reaction such as: redness, itching and even a wound. , if this occurs, don't even think about applying it on the face.

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