Risk on the female eyebrow: Meaning and How to do it


Learn all about the risk on the female eyebrow, understand its meaning and why it is being so successful not only among women but also among men.

Who has never come across several women with 1 or 2 lines on their eyebrows and wondered what that meant and even felt like doing it?

To get an idea of the number of people who have adopted this style, just browse some photos on social networks and you will be able to find many in a short time.

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What does eyebrow scratch mean?


It was once considered a symbol of criminals, thieves, drug users and dealers, but nowadays it has become simply a choice of style and beauty, something to highlight the eyebrows.

In fact, this is a fashion that has been adopted since ancient times, around the 80s and 90s, made by hip hop groups and since then they have given it different meanings.

Many attribute to those who adhere the scratched eyebrow as criminals or thieves, others attribute it to drug dealers or users, believe that they make this mark to identify themselves anywhere, but this meaning has changed over time.

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The line on the eyebrow is also known as “Shrink risk, shaggy eyebrow or dichavada eyebrow”, it was also made to demonstrate the financial power that the person had, that's why it became very common to see ostentation funk singers adhering to the failed eyebrow, therefore this is its true ancient meaning.

Nowadays it has become a matter of aesthetics and a way for a man or a woman to look even more beautiful, as the line on the eyebrow leaves a much sexier look.

How to make a line on the female eyebrow?

So, did you feel like making a line on your eyebrow too?

Well, know this is very simple to do and can be done at home, but it is recommended to look for a professional who does this work since a mistake can leave the risk a little big or crooked and it may take a while to grow again.

1- The first step is to do your eyebrow as you usually do, remove the excesses and leave it drawn.

2 – Then, using a makeup pencil, make the mark where you want the scratch to be, it can be on 1 eyebrow or both.

3 – And finally, just take a little machine, razor or razor and place it in the place marked with a pencil, if you don't have the little machine, a razor can be used.

4 – Be careful not to injure yourself or shake when you make the line as it may compromise a good part of the eyebrow.

5 – Do not remove the eyebrow hairs with the tweezers because you will run the risk of them not growing again.

Remember that it is necessary to have some practice to carry out this procedure, if you don't want to risk it, just look for an eyebrow designer or even a salon, if you are going to work only the eyebrow, the service will be cheap.

Eyebrow scratch at home

This tip must be followed very carefully and carefully, the razor is a little dangerous and any mistake can cut yourself, in addition, your care must also be redoubled so as not to have the risk of removing the eyebrow too much.

Charming brow line

Super elegant and a little different from the previous one, but still charming, see how super easy it is to do with this very easy step by step.

How to make a false line on the eyebrow

For girls who do not want to take the risk of having a very marked eyebrow or are afraid of making a mistake, a good alternative is to make a false line, and for this you must proceed as follows.

1 – First of all, do your eyebrows as you always do and darken them if they are a little sparse.

2 – Then take a concealer the color of your skin and put it on the tip of the brush and lightly press where you want the line to be.

3 – And finally, contour the eyebrow with the concealer so that it gives the impression that there is even a small risk there

Watch a super interesting video from Camila Carregal's channel where she goes through all the details on how to make the fake risk the right way, and check out other super interesting tips on her channel.


How long does it take for the eyebrow risk to grow? To give you an idea, the eyebrow hair grows on average 1 centimeter per month, so this will be the period of full recovery of the eyebrow, but even before that you will already notice a decrease in failure. Using castor oil can speed up the growth process.

Eyebrow scratch in photos

A last option would be to look for image editing programs or even apps that can also create a brow line very well, but for that it is necessary to understand about it.

This is a trend that is worth taking a chance on, it is sure to be successful, so much so that many celebrities have also joined this super charming style. I hope you enjoyed.

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