How to remove splinters and thorns from the skin easily and painlessly


We are all subject to one day having wood chips or plant thorns that get into the surface layer of the skin, although it seems hopeless there is nothing to worry about, learn in an easy way how to remove splinters and thorns from the skin without suffering.

Keeping these piercing objects inside the skin is really not pleasant, the simple fact of sweeping the house, messing with a wooden object or taking care of cacti is enough for the accident to happen.

How to remove splinters and thorns from the skin
How to remove splinters and thorns from the skin

Places like nails, fingers, arms and feet are often the most vulnerable places to be punctured by splinters or thorns, so any handling of wood or plants with thorns should be carried out with the greatest possible care.

Despite not being a serious injury, the situation of any type of injury can be aggravated by the simple fact of poor sterilization of the materials that are used for the removal procedure and also poor hand hygiene, so be aware of these tips.

How to remove splinters and thorns from finger, nail and others

Before starting any procedure, first wash the affected area with water and neutral soap in order to to remove any type of bacteria that can cause infection in the wound and only after washing the place and sterilizing the tools, start the splinter or thorn extraction plan.

Tip 1: Never squeeze the "foreign body" in an attempt to remove it, this attitude can make the situation worse, since the object can break in half or it can be even deeper in the skin, as we can see neither of these two options are interesting, at the same time. Otherwise, it may make the area even more painful.

Tip 2: Take a close look at how the situation is, is the barb/thorn too big? Is it possible to remove? If you have a magnifying glass, use it to get a closer look. If you notice that the situation is serious, the best solution is to look for a doctor to carry out the removal, but this happens in rare cases, most of the time the foreign body can be removed at home.


Tip 3: Two situations may occur, either the thorn/barb has a small point out of the skin, or it has fully entered the skin, each situation will have a different solution.

Tip 4: If by chance the foreign body was left with a small part of the skin, use tweezers to remove it, but first remember to sterilize it to avoid infections.

If you don't have tweezers at home or want to try another solution, if the splinter/thorn has a small part out, you can also use an adhesive tape to cover it and then pull it, in some cases it will be enough for the foreign body to be removed. removed.

Tip 5:  Use a needle if the splinter/thorn has fully penetrated the skin, but only if the foreign body is in a superficial layer of the skin, for that use the needle to gently puncture the skin, try to push a small piece out, if you can finish remove using tweezers.

Tip 6: A slurry of water with baking soda can also be a good way to pull a small part of the splinter out, so do the following:

Mix a little water in 1 tablespoon of enough baking soda to form a paste, then apply to the spot where the splinter/thorn is, bandage it and cover the area with a band-aid.

Leave it overnight, the next day remove the band-aid and the bandage, at this point a small part of the foreign body will be out, finish removing it using tweezers, but always be careful not to sink the splinter into the skin again.

As soon as you remove the splinter/thorn, sanitize the place by washing with water and neutral soap to avoid possible infections.

More tips that can help

In this video some more tips are given to remove splinters safely, check out:

When to see a doctor

If none of the solutions above were enough to remove the splinter or thorn and it has been in your skin for a few days, the ideal is to see a doctor so that he can carry out the removal. bruise is oozing pus, or there is a sensitive area such as the eyes.