Makeup for those with droopy eyelids: Step by step


Having droopy eyelids is a more common problem than you might think, some people are born with it and in this case it is called congenital ptosis, but you can develop it later in life, which is known as acquired ptosis, in this case. if its appearance occurs due to decreased elasticity and firmness of the skin around the eyes.

Makeup for those with droopy eyelids: Step by step

In rare cases, drooping upper eyelids can block or greatly reduce vision, depending on how much it obstructs the pupil. In addition, having drooping eyelids can cause the impression of an older, tired and sleepy appearance, which is why many people end up resorting to surgeries, another alternative would be to invest in makeup that disguises and at the same time increases small eyes.

However, doing a beautiful makeup in this case is not so easy even more, if in addition to drooping the eyelids are chubby, which will make it difficult to do a perfect makeup. Anyone can have droopy eyelids regardless of age however it is more common among older adults due to the natural aging process. The levator muscle is responsible for lifting the eyelid. As you age, this muscle can stretch and, as a result, cause your eyelid to droop.

Makeup for those with droopy eyelids: Step by step

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If you don't have the financial means to resort to this aesthetic procedure after all, it's not something that cheap or you're a little afraid of surgery, there are some make-up tricks that disguise this area in addition to some super cool and easy-to-perform tutorials. Check it out, and transform your look and look beautiful on any occasion!

Makeup for those with droopy eyelids: Step by step

  • filled eyebrows 


Your eyebrows can both make your look striking and beautiful, as well as ruin your make-up. A tip choose a trusted professional to do your eyebrow, then using an eye pencil fill in your eyebrows covering the flaws and accentuating the shape. Finish with a good layer of mask.

  • eyeshadow primer

The primer will cover any imperfections that exist on the eyelid skin leaving the skin even making it much more conducive to receiving the shadow, the primer can also be replaced by a matte concealer that sets well.

  • Brown eyeshadow or darker shades

Use on the eyelids 3 different shades of shadows, brown and black and gold combine perfectly.

  • Outline the upper lash line

Choose a waterproof eyeliner of your choice there are some popular brands with great prices then just draw from the line where the lashes are born, the closer to the eyeball the more beautiful the result will be.

Another delicate and daring alternative in the right measure is the outlined “kitten” style that raises the eye beyond, bringing a more modern look to the look. Opt for an eyeliner with thin strokes, because when you make a thicker marking, it will cover the entire small space of the eyelids, closing the look even more.

Makeup for those with droopy eyelids: Step by step

  • Use mascara on eyelashes

Thin, not-too-curved lashes will add volume and make your eyes look bigger than they really are, and your eyelids will look more open. Choose a good mascara and apply several layers to make the look youthful and expressive.

  • Avoid black pencil on the waterline 

If you have droopy or chubby eyelids and still have small eyes, avoid applying pencil to the waterline as it will make your eyes smaller.

Makeup for droopy or chubby eyelids 

How to disguise droopy eyelids and rejuvenate

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