Can Pregnant Use Dryer? Know what is Myth and what is Truth


During pregnancy, many doubts arise in the woman's mind and one of them is whether can you use hair dryer during pregnancy. Concern about health at this stage is common since many things can influence pregnancy and can be decisive in the good development of the fetus.

A lot of information ends up coming from family members or friends that don't always match the truth and that's why it's essential to try to find the right tips so you don't make wrong mistakes with care during the 9 months.

The concern with the dryer arises from the fact that it is associated with hair care, but both the dryer and the flat iron act on the hair in a different way than chemical products. See how the dryer works and discover the best way to use it to keep your hair beautiful during pregnancy without harming the baby to come.

How does the dryer work?

It's not because you're pregnant that a woman should go out with her hair all tangled up, and the truth is, yes, can you use hair dryer during pregnancy without any worries, it doesn't harm the fetus, the only harm that both the dryer and the flat iron can cause is exclusively on the hair.

Can Pregnant Use Dryer?
Can Pregnant Use Dryer?

Every woman who owns a hair dryer knows that its function is to release hot air so that damp strands dry faster, it works completely mechanically, it uses no other resource than hot air.

So know that you don't have to worry about using the dryer on your hair, of course if it is used in excess it can do harm, but this harm will only be for the hair, the baby will be safe in the belly.

And flat iron? Is the rule the same?


Yes, just like the hair dryer curling iron also uses heat to soften and shape the strands, it will also close the scales of the hair leaving it brighter, smoother and more alive.

But know that despite being mechanical and not using chemical products, the flat iron can also be harmful to the hair when not used correctly. So know that the flat iron is also released in pregnancy.


What can't you use in pregnancy?

Now that you know that you don't have to stop taking care of your beauty and that you really can you use the hair dryer during pregnancy, understand what can really harm the health of the fetus if used in pregnancy.

Smoothing, progressive, tinctures or any other treatment that has chemicals in its ingredient can harm the development of the fetus during pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding.

They are heavy metals that are absorbed by the body and that can reach the bloodstream and consequently the fetus that in more serious cases can even cause abortion.


Therefore, the use of any chemical product on the hair is expressly restricted, better opt for a hairdryer or flat iron, which will not do any harm.

Know that your hair will present its best shape during pregnancy, it will have more shine, more life and more volume, hormones and extra vitamins will only make your hair more beautiful.

Enjoy pregnancy without neglecting your beauty


Can Pregnant Use Dryer?

During pregnancy, hair tends to grow faster, and in addition to the


not being able to use chemicals to straighten it would be a good time to perform a hair transition, even if it's for a test and see how it turned out.

At the end of pregnancy or after the baby is no longer breastfeeding, you can go back to using chemical products to smooth the locks again, but before that it is ideal to seek information from your pediatrician or obstetrician to find out when the ideal time will be to return to chemistry. .

Combing tips using a hairdryer

Just using the dryer, it is possible to perform several hairstyles, on youtube there are several interesting tips, see for example how to curl your hair just using the dryer and the diffuser.